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Proinvest Nirmiti

Investment & Fees

The minimum investment amount is Rs. 10 Lakh.

Although we don’t take extreme cash calls, we have some cash in our portfolio’s which is earmarked for new investment ideas.

We generally spread our investments over 10-15 companies. We are Sector & Market Cap agnostic.

Yes, please share your existing investments on

There is no lock-in as such, however since equity markets are volatile in nature we recommend holding your investments for more than 5 years.

Our entire investment philosophy is based on long term wealth creation. We follow a very low churn rate.

Yes, For Top-Up fees would be charged on a pro-rata basis. Please get in touch with our team for more details.


You will receive the portfolio recommendation via email in 24-48 working hrs. After the trades have been executed by you / your broker, you will have to mail us the contract note. On receipt of the same we would update all the transactions & email you the Login credentials to track your portfolio.

The entire on-boarding process is online. As per SEBI guidelines we need your C-KYC details. If your C-KYC is not done you will have to email us your PAN & Aadhar card. Our compliance team will get in touch after your registration process is complete.


Smallcase is an advisory platform which smoothens the execution process. After you complete your registration process on Smallcase you can invest in Proinvest Nirmiti’s portfolio in 1 click. Smallcase Registration

No, there are some restrictions while investing through Smallcase. For instance, you don’t have the option to buy shares listed only on BSE. In the Proinvest Nirmiti portfolio which we directly manage, we hold some cash for future ideas, which we do not hold in smallcase. (We are always completely invested in smallcase). For portfolios larger than Rs. 20 L we would strongly prefer directly associating with us.

The performance on smallcase is back-tested. The performance of Proinvest Nirmiti is the actual performance of our portfolio.

Smallcase does support all the large brokers like Zerodha, HDFC Securities, Upstox, Axis, Kotak, IIFL, Angel, Edelweiss etc. For the detailed list please with the smallcase page.


Upfront Amt.

Annual Fee *

Proinvest Nirmiti ₹ 10000 2.00%

* Investors are billed every month on their average investment value during the month

For example, if the average monthly portfolio value is Rs 10 L, the fees would be calculated as follows- Rs. 10,00,000*2%/12= Rs. 1666/-

The fees are automatically deducted from your bank account which you choose while registering. Also, an invoice is sent to you each month.

Yes, after investing the minimum amount, you can start an SIP.

Financial Planning

Financial planning offers a coordinated and comprehensive approach to helping you achieve your personal and reasonable financial goals. Building, managing and preserving wealth is not an easy task. Maybe you have recently retired and are concerned about outliving your nest egg. Perhaps you are a baby boomer trying to plan for a secure retirement. Maybe you are part of the “sandwich generation”, caring for your own children at home while also caring for the needs of aging parents. Maybe you are recently widowed or divorced with all of the complications that these life challenges bring. Maybe you have accumulated substantial wealth and want to protect your assets from lawsuits, spendthrift relatives, divorce or other potential threats not only to yourself but also to your heirs. Selecting appropriate investments is simply one ingredient in the recipe for an effective financial plan that should also include retirement and estate planning. Our experienced financial planning team will help you to:


Financial Planning provides direction and meaning to your financial decisions. It allows you to understand how each financial decision you make affects other areas of your finances. For example, buying a particular investment product might help you pay off your mortgage faster or it might delay your retirement significantly. By viewing each financial decision as part of the whole, you can consider its short and long-term effects on your life goals. You can also adapt more easily to life changes and feel more secure that your goals are on track.

It will depend on your current financial situation. It will also depend on what stage are you in and the assets accumulated so far.

It will depend on the plan you select. If you need rebalancing and tax planning (platinum plan) every year, there will be extra charges per year.

If you select B plan then it will include year round advice. We will offer 2 times rebalancing of portfolio per year. Charges will apply in the subsequent year if there is any changes in your goals or financial status.

Yes I am a SEBI registered Investment Advisor under Investment advisory regulation 2013.

We have no bias on the various financial products. We offer advice as per the goals, the time line, financial stage, age and requirement.

We analyze your Life insurance needs as per your goals, assets and cash flows. Insurance planning is a very integral part of your financial planning and we prioritize it.

Once we study your goals, cash flows and assets we come up with the 1st draft of the plan. We plan our 1st meeting (virtual meetings are also possible). After discussing the plan, we come up with the final plan. So usually it takes 2 visits. If there is extensive planning required it may take more meetings.

Starting it early in your career will give you a head start and inculcate the habit of saving. You will start saving before spending and not saving whatever if left after spending. It’s a long term plan. Slowly you will build a good portfolio and you will be able to plan for the newer goals as and when required.

Though we say that earlier the better, but it’s never too late to start saving. We can help you secure the remaining years of your retirement and also help you strengthen your existing assets such that you have a smooth financial life ahead.

Yes we do advice on existing and future loans that you may need. We advise taking a loan only when it is needed.

If you select our comprehensive plan, we do advice on tax planning. We thinks it necessary to optimize on the taxes. By this we don’t mean evading taxes, but whatever exemptions and deductions are possible as per the Income tax regime.