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We do not just help you generate income,

What We Do

towards a hopeful tomorrow.

Proinvest Nirmiti

Nirmiti as the name suggests is a creation of focussed, long term, unbiased investment ideas. The intent is to create a high Quality Multi-cap portfolio which will help in compounding investors wealth.

Fee Structure

Annual Fee- 2%* of AUM (Assets Under Management)
(* Excluding GST)

Performance Registration - Individual Registration - Non Individual FAQ's

Pick your smallcase

smallcases are intelligent baskets of right stocks that are managed by Proinvest Nirmiti Research Desk

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Financial Planning

As your financial advisors we offer a coordinated and comprehensive approach to helping you achieve your personal and reasonable financial goals. Selecting appropriate investments is merely an ingredient in the recipe for an effective financial plan that should include essentials like a retirement and estate plan. Our experienced financial planning team will help find that perfect mix.

Registration FAQ’s





Professional advice Fees in INR 7500 15,000 25,000
Existing asset advice
Goal discovery and planning
Recommendations on all types of Insurances and retirement advice
Monthly saving needs advice
Recommendations of right investment assets
Detailed Financial report

Basic report on existing
assets ONLY

Detailed review of existing portfolio
Personal meeting with our experts
Personalized goal planning follow up report
Expert reviews on rebalancing portfolio periodically
Recommendations on yearly tax planning
Recommendations and advice on loans
Follow up via chat and email all around the year
Rebalancing of portfolio with extra charge